A Little Hello!

Hello and Welcome to Make Believe! 

Emily & Stef : Make Believe

This is our new blog where we will share our creative family life with you. I am Emily Quinton, a photographer, teacher and writer. I am married to Stef Lewandowski, a technologist and artist. We have four children and live in South London. 

I have been itching to start a new blog for a long time. I find that writing a journal helps me to stay grounded, connected to my family and it pushes to turn all the things that are lovely ideas in my head into reality. When I blog we do more stuff! Writing also really helps me to work through tricky stuff and really celebrate the good stuff. 

Some of you may remember reading the Startup Wife, a blog I started back in 2012. A blog which enabled me to change my career from a wedding photographer to a blogger and teacher. And even an author! A blog which turned into what is now Makelight. 

That is all very wonderful and something I’m incredibly proud of and totally in love with. But in building Makelight I was left with a hole. I suddenly had nowhere to write about all the family stuff and how we juggle start-ups and family life anymore. And it’s sent me a little bit crazy. 

So, I’m back! But this time I have Stef with me. He draws amazing monsters, tells incredible stories and writes big, long, clever stuff. He will be sharing some of that here. But expect him to appear a little less often than I do! 

Our children make guest appearances too, so watch out for the mini ones from time to time. 

I hope you will enjoy what we do here and that we inspire you to lead a creative life.